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All students participating in Duke Immerse fall 2021 are expected to follow Duke’s guidelines and policies for undergraduates regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, masking and social distancing. Students are required to be vaccinated with one of the approved vaccines or have a Duke-approved religious or medical exemption. For more information, check out Duke United or contact Duke Immerse Program Director.

For fall 2021, Duke Immerse strongly discourages personal travel between countries for all Duke Immerse participants. International travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are still changing constantly, often with very little notice. Traveling between countries places travelers in danger of getting caught up in shifting policies and procedures.  

Students choosing to engage in personal travel between countries during their Immerse semester do so at their own risk, assuming the financial, academic, and legal consequences of testing, quarantine/isolation, and barred entry. Duke Immerse program participants will not be excused from classes if they are absent due to personal travel and/or quarantine or isolation mandated by their personal travel.  Please note that if the circumstances should require it, Duke Immerse could revert back to a stricter personal travel stance on short notice. 

COVID-19 Rules and Expectations

The health and safety of all relies on each individual adhering to basic COVID-19 mitigation measures. We are responsible for each other’s wellness, and all actions and behaviors should reflect that reality. Staff and students are expected to be aware of and adhere to current local and Duke regulations and remain vigilant to changes. Intentional disregard of regulations could result in disciplinary action up to (and including) a student’s dismissal from the program. The following is a list of the COVID-19 mitigation measures Duke Immerse will have this fall while off-campus, in addition to Duke University policies and practices. This list is subject to change; these updates will be shared with you if so. 

Students on all programs (Duke-In Programs and Duke-Approved) can expect to: 

      • Abide by the Duke Immerse Participation Agreement and Duke Community Standard (this forthcoming document needs to be signed by students planning to participate in fall 2021 programs) 
      • Wear a properly fitted face covering when required by Duke University, hosts or Immerse instructors  
      • Wash hands frequently 
      • Participate in contact tracing 
      • Self-isolate and not attend in-person classes, events, or activities if you are unwell or have reason to believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 
      • Know that if you violate a local law or regulation relating to COVID-19, you will be solely responsible for any penalties, including fines, quarantine mandates, and/or deportation. Duke cannot and will not intervene on a student’s behalf. 
      • Follow all regulations put in place by Duke, host institution, provider, and/or local government 
      • Participate in periodic COVID-19 testing and promptly report back results to Duke Immerse 
      • Share details related to personal travel 
      • Abide by housing and classroom rules regarding gatherings, social distancing, masking, etc.