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A semester committed to experiential learning

Duke Immerse is a semester-long program in which undergraduates enroll in a set of four courses, travel and engage in field-based learning, built around a single theme or issue. Programs are offered in the fall and spring. Each Immerse offering is designed and led by a cohort of 2-4 faculty and consists of: 

  • an integrated curriculum of four required courses and embedded travel
  • a significant global challenge
  • high faculty and student interaction 
  • field-based, experiential learning at local, regional, national, international sites
  • small student cohorts

Duke Immerse programs provide off-campus experiences though travel, hands-on project collaboration, or industry-based mentoring to enhance the curriculum.

All students must have completed Writing 101 to be eligible. Individual programs might also have additional prerequisites. Check each program’s webpage for application details.   

Participation in Duke Immerse requires a payment of a $1,500 course fee, in addition to Duke tuition.

Students and Prof. Dana Hunt posing by Chinese pond
Students and Prof. Hunt from the Oceans, Human & Environmental Health program pose on a trip to China.

Duke’s Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support provides additional grant aid to cover the cost of any course fee for all students receiving aid. Students should consult with their financial aid counselor for more details.  

Duke Immerse student quote, ""Duke Immerse’s Imagining the Future of Food has it all: constant learning, immersive travel, delicious food, and the best professors at Duke. I look back on my Immerse semester as the absolute highlight of my time at Duke. Annie Roberts"

Duke Immerse students are curious and engaged; they are also:​

      • Athletes, A.B./B.N. Duke Scholars, Robertson Scholars (from UNC and Duke), Baldwin Scholars, David M. Rubenstein Scholars, Cardea Fellows and Teaching Fellows, commissioned officers in the U.S. Army, sorority sisters and fraternity brothers 
      • Recognized for their leadership and commitment to civic engagement, service learning, the arts, social justice and the study of human rights 
      • Financial aid recipients:  Over the years, 60% of Duke Immerse participants received financial support 
0 %

of Duke Immerse students graduate with honors.

0 %

of Duke Immerse students write honors theses.

0 %

of Duke Immerse students graduate Phi Beta Kappa.