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International Travel Registry and Travel Policy

In order to maximize Duke’s ability to assist students in an emergency situation, all students studying on Duke Immerse programs are required to register their travel plans with Duke’s International Travel Registry by completing the Duke International Travel Registry questionnaire located in their applications on the Duke Immerse online application system, Non-Duke students will need a Duke-issued NetID and password in order to register in Duke’s International Travel Registry. This travel registration is mandatory for students; however, it is also strongly recommended that, as a Duke faculty or staff member administering a Duke program, you also complete this online registration. Please see the following website for more information, and to register: 

Duke’s Restricted Regions List:

Before planning Duke-sponsored or Duke-affiliated travel, both you and the program participants should be aware of Duke’s Restricted Regions List: 

This list is maintained by Duke’s Global Travel Advisory Committee (GTAC), and sets restrictions on where student travel is permissible. Students may not travel to locations on the Restricted Regions List unless 1) the travel is approved by the GTAC and 2) they submit a High Risk Travel Waiver/Release Form to the travel policy administrator at least 30 days in advance of such travel.