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Refund Policy

Voluntary Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from a Duke Immerse theme by choice are responsible for payment of fees according to the schedules below. Reasons for voluntary withdrawal may include choosing to stay on campus for a class, job, or research project, or opting for alternative plans. 

Involuntary Withdrawal

Students who are required to withdraw from a Duke Immerse program due to academic or disciplinary probation, suspension, or violation of the Duke Community Standard are responsible for payment of fees according to the schedules below. 

Payment Schedules

Any student withdrawing from a Duke Immerse program must submit a signed Duke Immerse Withdrawal Form as soon as possible after a student decides to withdraw. Any deposit made for this Duke-administered semester program is non-refundable; the student is additionally responsible for costs that have already been incurred in the student’s name (e.g., airfare). 

 In the case of withdrawal, any remaining paid tuition and program fee will be refunded as follows, in accordance with the Duke University refund policy outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin: 

        • Before the start of the program – a full refund  
        • During the first or second week – 80 percent 
        • During the third, fourth, or fifth week – 60 percent 
        • During the sixth week – 20 percent 
        • After the sixth week – none