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Duke Immerse Policies

All accepted Duke Immerse students and a parent or guardian are required to sign a theme-specific participation agreement in order to participate in a Duke Immerse. Legally independent students, as affirmed by their academic dean, may complete and sign the participation agreement without a parent or guardian signature. 

Some Duke Immerse themes engage minors through research, fieldwork or service-learning. If a theme is approved to engage minors, in accordance with the Policy for Minors in Duke Programs (, all enrolled students and participating Duke staff and faculty, prior to engaging minors, must: 

  1. Complete the online Duke Minors Training ( 
  2. Complete a background check through Duke HR’s Background Check Center 

Only students, staff and faculty who have completed the training and have a clear background check may engage minors. 


Fall 2021 – Students will be expected to follow all COVID-19 guidelines and policies in the Fall 2021 semester. These policies will be shared with students later this summer and will also be found on the Resources, Forms & Policies page on the Duke Immerse website.  

As participants on Duke-administered experiential education programs, students are representatives of Duke University (and their home institutions, for non-Duke students), and should thus conduct themselves in a responsible and respectable manner.  

Duke Immerse students are expected to be respectful to their peers, instructors, guest speakers, hosts and members of the community in which they are visiting or doing fieldwork. Students are expected to abide by the Duke Immerse policies and Duke Community Standard. Duke students remain subject to the behavioral requirements set forth  in the Duke Community Standard (the “Standard”) while participating on a study abroad/away  program: 


Duke University is a community dedicated to scholarship, leadership, and service and to the principles of honesty, fairness, respect, and accountability. Citizens of this community commit to reflect upon and uphold these principles in all academic and non-academic endeavors, and to protect and promote a culture of integrity. 

To uphold the Duke Community Standard: 

  • I will not lie, cheat, or steal in my academic endeavors; 
  • I will conduct myself honorably in all my endeavors; and 
  • I will act if the Standard is compromised 

Non-Duke students participating on a Duke Immerse program are also subject to the Standard. If a student violates the Standard, Duke/Duke Immerse may terminate a student’s participation on the program. In this event, the student must leave the program without refund or any academic credit. Please contact Duke Immerse if you have any concerns about a student violating the Standard while on your program. 

Duke may terminate a student’s participation in the program if the following occur: 

    • student has violated a local law or regulation; 
    • student has violated the Duke Community Standard, or is accused of violating the standard in a matter which, if proven to be true, could pose risk to the health, safety, or welfare of the student or others; 
    • continued student participation in the program poses a risk to the health, safety, or welfare of the student or others; 
    • continued student participation in the program session will materially disrupt the program; or 
    • if the student is a non-Duke student, they are placed on academic or disciplinary probation by the home institution where student in enrolled. 

In such a termination event, the student will leave the program, at their own cost, and will not receive a refund or academic credit for the program. 

While studying on Duke Immerse program, students must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This includes laws pertaining to the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcohol or drugs. As outlined above, a student’s participation in a Duke Immerse program may be terminated if Duke determines that a student has violated a law. 

If the program takes place outside of the United States, students are subject to all laws and regulations of the host country and city, including those regarding required travel documents, visas, and study permits. Duke Immerse will assist in acquiring visas but the student is the sole responsibility of the student to obtain a passport.  

Duke Immerse programs include required lectures and/or field trips that are considered germane to the students’ educational experience. All enrolled students must participate in such activities unless exempted by the program instructors. 

All Duke-In programs have established start and end dates, which include mandatory orientation programs. Without exception, each student must arrive in time for the official start date of their program and should expect to stay until their program officially ends. 

Duke students participating on Duke-Approved programs should also abide by the official start/end dates of their programs. GEO will not provide letters of permission for students to arrive late or leave early from Duke-Approved programs. 

Upon submission of their study abroad application, Duke Immerse will conduct a check of each Duke student’s academic and disciplinary record in order to determine his or her eligibility to study away from Duke. A student who is on academic or disciplinary probation, or who has a pending disciplinary  probation, does not qualify for study abroad/away enrollment, regardless of acceptance to a program. A student who is put on academic or disciplinary probation during the course of a study abroad/away program is not permitted to continue on the program. In this event, the student must leave the program without a refund or any academic credit. 


All students who need to terminate their participation in their Duke Immerse program for any reason after submitting a Participation Agreement must notify Duke Immerse program director and instructors by signing and submitting a Withdrawal Form as soon as possible after withdrawal is decided. The form is available on the Duke Immerse website and can be scanned and emailed to  

Duke students who leave their programs without providing Duke Immerse with this official withdrawal notification may be withdrawn from Duke and will need to apply for readmission in accordance with official Duke University guidelines. 

Students must complete the academic program requirements of the program in order to receive credit for study away courses. If students withdraw prior to completing coursework, it is unlikely that they will be eligible to receive credit. Grades will appear on the student’s Duke record in accordance with Duke grading and grade requirements as stated in the Duke University Bulletin of Undergraduate Instruction. 

Accordion Content

Policies differ based on the circumstances of the student’s withdrawal. Please see the full Responsibility to Pay (Refund) policy for details. 

If fall programs are canceled or an enrolled student wishes to withdraw before the first day of the program, Duke students who have paid the program fee for their Duke Immerse program will have the funds credited to their bursar accounts. Non-Duke students will be contacted by the Duke Immerse program director about program fee refunds.  Please review the Immerse Refund Policy for more details.  

We cannot guarantee that our study away programs will run in the Fall. If you have questions, please email us at  


In the unlikely event that Duke needs to suspend or cancel a specific Duke Immerse program, thereby causing no academic credit to be awarded to program participants, full refunds will be made unless the cancellation is due to political, natural, technological, or other catastrophes beyond its control, in which case Duke will only be able to refund uncommitted and recoverable funds. If Duke terminates a program early, but makes arrangements for students to otherwise earn full or partial credit, the refund amount would reflect this situation. Whether or not credit would be awarded would depend on the particular program and circumstances, and when the suspension or cancellation takes place. 

Fall 2021 

COVID-19 immigration requirements and visa limitations may make it difficult for international Duke students to study in Durham during the 2021-2022 academic year. Duke Immerse is here to assist international undergraduate students with alternative plans. If your personal circumstances allow, we highly encourage you to come to campus this fall. 


International students, including undocumented students residing in the U.S., are encouraged to apply to and participate in all Duke Immerse offerings. Duke Immerse may need more time to acquire a visa to travel outside of the U.S. for some participating international students; Duke Immerse and the Duke Global Administration and Travel Support Office will work closely with you to do this. The expectation is that you respond to these communications in a timely manner, and that you communicate any concerns you have that may or may not be addressed. 


When necessary, reasonable accommodations will be made for students who are participating in a program with international travel but restricted from traveling outside of the United States or to a specific country due to their citizenship or documentation status.