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End of the Semester

Many Duke Immerse cohorts stay connected with their faculty and each other well beyond the semester, as friends, mentors, official and unofficial advisors, while at Duke and beyond.

Program Evaluations

Near the end of your program, Duke Immerse will email you a link to an electronic evaluation of your Immerse program. These evaluations are extremely useful for future participants and are consulted frequently by faculty and staff. Changes are frequently made in the programs in response to students’ feedback.

Course Evaluations

In addition to an overall Duke Immerse program evaluations, all students will have the opportunity toward the end of the program to complete individual course evaluations online for each course that comprise the Duke Immerse. These confidential course evaluations are shared only with the Duke faculty and Duke Immerse staff. Please complete the online course evaluations as fully as possible; your input is critical to the success of our Immerse programming. Student feedback will be used to help make any necessary improvements to the course instruction in future years. Instructions and the link to access these course evaluations will be sent to you while the Immerse program is underway.