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All students who have completed Writing 101 and who are not on academic or disciplinary probation are eligible to apply and participate in most Duke Immerse offerings. Though the program is academically rigorous, there is no minimum grade point average (GPA) for students wishing to participate in a Duke Immerse. A few Immerse offerings have additional requirements based on the curricular experience, and this will be listed on the Duke Immerse program-specific webpage.

Non-Duke Students

Non-Duke students who are enrolling at Duke for the semester, such as University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Robertson Scholars and Duke-Kunshan University students, may apply and participate in a Duke Immerse.

Students under Academic or Disciplinary Sanctions

A student who is on academic or disciplinary probation or who does not meet academic continuation requirements will not be permitted to participate in Immerse during the period the sanction is in effect, regardless of the student’s acceptance to a program. Upon submission of a Duke Immerse application questionnaire, Immerse will conduct a check of each student’s academic and disciplinary record to determine eligibility to study away from Duke. Non-Duke students are required to submit the Home College/University Approval Form, which requests eligibility information from their home institution.

A student who is put on academic or disciplinary probation during the course of a study away program is not permitted to continue on the program. In this event, the student must leave the program and forfeit academic credit. This will be considered an involuntary withdrawal and no refund will be given. The full refund policy can be found at

Students may not apply to Immerse programs while suspended from Duke or their home institution.

Major Declaration

Duke students must declare their major no later than the spring of their sophomore year. This means that students wishing to participate in Immerse the spring semester of their sophomore year should review the Immerse travel schedule and declare their major before their Immerse travel if there is a conflict.