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Course Credit

An individual Duke Immerse program weaves the curriculum of four or five courses with experiential educational fieldwork and travel to create an intensive and academically immersive semester. This semester is equivalent to four or five individual course credits, depending on the number and type of courses included in the semester. (Most Duke Immerse semesters are four courses and four credits.) These credits contribute to general graduation requirements, and, where they align with the discipline, may be applied to one’s major, minor or certificate program.


All Duke Immerse courses are graded for credit and are factored into your GPA. Your grades are considered in determining your eligibility for academic honors and recognition such as Dean’s List.

Areas of Knowledge & Modes of Inquiry

All Duke Immerse courses have one or more assigned codes that align with Trinity College of Arts & Sciences’ undergraduate Areas of Knowledge and/or Modes of Inquiry. These are listed in the course description on DukeHub and on the individual Duke Immerse program webpage.

Non-Duke Students

Non-Duke students participating in Immerse programs should follow their host institution’s procedures to ensure that they will receive full credit for their semester away. Be sure you know how to order official transcripts to send to your home institution for credit transfer from a Duke Immerse semester.

Duplicate Courses

Credit may not be granted for the same course twice. For example, a student who has taken POLSCI 219 at Duke in a previous semester may not receive credit for taking an equivalent course in a Duke Immerse program. The reverse is also true.